Bras on your head, remembering past stores with the bride, who knows her best? … And many more with GLOP’S 100 cards.

Organising a fun and original bachelorette party has never been so easy!

Fun and easy to play! Guaranteed to keep the laughs coming🤣

Attention: the bride will be the star of the evening👰



👰For the bride:

Tying the knot, formalizing a partnership or whatever it is that will tie you to your significant other is a REALLY special occasion. And your bachelorette party simply has to do justice to such an important event. Tell your maid of honor that you’ve already found the solution➡ GLOP HEN NIGHT drinking game with 100 exclusive cards for a unique and original celebration.

💁‍♀️For the maid of honor:

You can’t let your best friend down! GLOP HEN NIGHT is the drinking card game that’s perfect for this occasion. It’s fun and easy to play. Each card will tell you what to do: bras on your head, remembering past stories with the bride, “Who knows her best?”, karaoke and plenty more.

Do you want to be ready for any occasion and event? Make the most of our AMAZING DEAL to get 500 cards of GLOP GAME, GLOP EROTIC, GLOP TRUTH, GLOP NEVER IN MY LIFE and GLOP STRIP.

Requirements: Laugh, have a good time and drink🍻

Attention: the bride will be the star of the evening. Long live the bride!


Made with beer and a hangover

” The #1 Bestseller “
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