100 cards so that your parties, get-togethers or birthdays are loads of fun.

An evening you won’t forget … that perhaps you won’t remember!😂

There are no rules. It’s so easy to play!

🔞 Mind you, this is for adults only!



Are you tired of boring and uncomfortable parties? Of wanting to leave before you get drunk? GLOP GAME is the best antidote, the best company so that your special events are even more memorable. It’s something that you’ll always want to have on hand and what’s more, it’s easy to carry around. Do you want to be the one who livens up the party? Bring your GLOP GAME card game and you won’t stop laughing with your friends.

We understand that you don’t want any complications, that you’ve already got enough on your mind, so GLOP GAME is so easy to play. There are no rules. You only have to take a card, do what it says or DRINK.

You can play your GLOP GAME at home, at the beach, during parties, in the bar, with 2 or 800,000 people. You’ll get to try new things and enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends.

Do you have a birthday or a bachelorette party? GLOP GAME is also perfect for these occasions. It will liven things up for everyone!

Aside from plenty of laughs, the GLOP GAME Drinking Game comes with a wonderful family of #Gloppers around the world (yes, other drunks/drinkers like you🤣). The deck contains 100 original and exclusive cards that dare you to dance, sing, do impersonations, answer questions… and lots more.

Have a look at all our lovely photos so that you can see for yourself the fun that awaits. And if you want to have 500 cards to suit every taste, have a look at our AMAZING DEAL below.

GLOP will make your parties epic! Welcome to the community of #Gloppers 🤗



Made with beer and a hangover

” The #1 Bestseller “
34.95€£ 12.99£
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