100 cards of the raciest and most risqué Glop to share with friends.

Perfect to break the ice with the guy/girl you like 🔥

Clearly, for adults only 🔞

Take a card and learn the consequences. Otherwise, drink!



Do you want to create a fun, exciting, passionate and sensual atmosphere at your parties or special occasions? GLOP EROTIC is the raciest and most risqué drinking card game for adults only parties!

📣Calling the bold and the ingenious who don’t want their guests to get bored!

Take a card, read it and… take off pieces of clothing, perform some erotic action, respond to or make others answer the most intimate questions, challenge your friends to do the unimaginable and plenty more!

Attention: If you don’t dare to do what the card says, you’ll have to drink!

Connect with your inner goddess or god😈! Bring out your sexiest and most daring side with the hottest drinking game!

Why settle for 100 cards when you can have 500? Have a look at our bundle of GLOP 500 Cards below with an AMAZING DEAL and you can have GLOP EROTIC, GLOP STRIP, GLOP GAME, GLOP TRUTH and GLOP NEVER IN MY LIFE. You’ll be ready for every taste and occasion. You’ll be the life of the party, saving everyone from boredom.

Be part of the community of millions of #Gloppers around the world saving parties 🦹‍♂️🦹‍♀️!


Made with beer and a hangover

” The #1 Bestseller “
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