The incredible strip poker as a #GlopGame😋

Racy with lots of the most risqué mini games, dares and questions.

It’s so easy. Take a card, read it out and do what it says. If you don’t… You’ll have to drink or take off a piece of clothing!👗

Games lasting hours on end where the laughter never stops.



Are you looking for group drinking games and a good excuse to take off pieces of clothing?😏 You’re in the right place! GLOP STRIP has been inspired by the famous strip poker, but even sexier.

The most risqué mini games, dares and questions are what you’ll find in the GLOP STRIP drinking card game.

Now, simpler than ever! Take a card, read it out and do what it says. If you don’t… Take off a piece of clothing or drink!

Are you eagerly looking forward to your adults only party or the party you’re planning? GLOP STRIP will take it to the next level! Guaranteed to keep the laughs coming for hours on end.😂

100 original cards designed especially for you! Made with love and beer. Do you want even more love? Make the most of our deal for GLOP 500 cards😱 and get GLOP STRIP, GLOP EROTIC, GLOP GAME, GLOP NEVER IN MY LIFE and GLOP TRUTH.

Welcome to our community, #Glopper!


Made with beer and a hangover

” The #1 Bestseller “
34.95€£ 12.99£
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