The game that comes with 100 cards with dares and audacious questions that will make you drink if you don’t want to ‘fess up.🤫

Brings out your most intimate secrets and tastes.

An evening you won’t forget … that perhaps you won’t remember! 😂

Perfect to get to know your friends and family better with or without alcohol.



You’ve already got the wine, food and decorations for your party, or not! 🤣But you want to have a great time with your friends. GLOP TRUTH will keep the laughs coming for hours on end with 100 original cards.

Now’s the time to ‘fess up, ask questions and find out! Not willing to tell the truth? 😬You’ll have to drink then! Beer, cocktails, juices, whatever you want. GLOP TRUTH is the drinking card game that you can take with you anywhere. It’s a simple and fun way to get the party going. The game will reveal truths and your oddest tastes and bring out your daring side. Dares and questions like in the famous Truth or Dare.

And if you want cards for every taste, make the most of our AMAZING DEAL⬇ of 500 cards and get GLOP TRUTH, GLOP EROTIC, GLOP GAME, GLOP STRIP and GLOP NEVER IN MY LIFE. This way, you’ll have a game for each of your wonderful special occasions and you’ll be part of our great community of #Gloppers around the world.


Made with beer and a hangover

” The #1 Bestseller “
34.95€£ 12.99£
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